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Searcy Excavation & Dirtworks is an Excavation Contractor & Septic Tank Service in Searcy, AR. Searcy Excavation & Dirtworks provides high quality professional Land Grading, Land Clearing, Septic Tank Installation, Septic Tank Repair, Drainage Solutions, Road Construction, Underground Utility Installation and more to clients in Searcy, Heber Springs, Rosebud, Cabot, Beebe, and the surrounding areas in Central Arkansas. 

Septic Tanks Installed in Searcy, Beebe, Heber Springs

Whether you need to hire an Excavation Contractor for Finish Grading, Dirt Grading for new construction, Pond Installation, Swale Installation, Ditch Digging, or if you need someone to put in your new Septic System or help you with a Septic Tank Replacement, give us a call! Our experienced contractors are local, highly experienced, and we have the heavy equipment to get your project done right the first time. Get a Free Quote at 501-236-6418

Excavating Company for Rosebud, Vilonia, Cabot

If you're looking for a company that can dig, wreck, remove large debris, or otherwise move a lot of dirt or heavy things you've come to the right place. We build roads, dig holes for swimming pools, clear large chunks of land of their trees, and anything else you might need heavy equipment for.

Underground Utility Installation

If you're looking for a contractor to dig trenches for underground utilities or install large items underground, we can handle your request. We have the heavy equipment to move very large items and place them skillfully and accurately where they need to be. 

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Exavation, Grading, Septic Tank Installation

Dirt Movers in Searcy AR

Searcy Excavation & Dirtworks connects you with a local, reliable, family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing you with outstanding excavation services. Whether you need your land graded for new construction, need land cleared of trees and shrubs, need help installing your new Septic Tank, or if we can help you with anything else that requires dirt to be moved we can help. We have the equipment and know-how to get your project done right. Call 501-236-6418

Excavation Services

Dirt Moving, Soil Removal, Underground Utility Installation, Site Preparation, Grading, Dirt Hauling, Finish Grading, Road Construction, Rough Grading, Pool Digging

Septic Tank Installation & Repair

Professional Septic Tank Installation & Repair from experienced pros in Searcy, Cabot, Heber Springs, Vilonia, Rosebud AR.

Land Clearing

Tree Removal, Rock Removal, Debris Cleanup, Thicket Clearing, Site Preparation, Dirt Leveling, Large Tree Removal

Land Grading

Road Construction, Road Grading, Rough Grading, Finish Grading, Fire Lane, Pipeline Lane, Road Grader Services, Forestry Roads, Deer Camp Roads

Pond & Swimming Pool Digging

Pond Digger, Swimming Pool Digging, Retention Ponds, Fishing Ponds, Commercial Ponds, Grandkid Ponds

Excavation & Grading Searcy, Heber Springs, Cabot, Rosebud

If you'd like to hire a reliable contractor that can take on your project, we are here to help. Whether you need an excavator to prepare a site for new construction, dig a hole for a new pool, dig ditches, trenches, help with drainage solutions, install swales, or anything else you might need a professional excavation company for, please give us a call. Our contractors have years of experience serving Central Arkansas with the very best in excavating and contracting services.

We are committed to quality and safety. Working with heavy equipment takes a steady hand and an eye for detail. Our friendly professionals are committed to making sure every project we're on is completed according to our strict standards of safety, whether it's small excavation job, finish grading, or a large-scale commercial project. Free Quotes available at 501-236-6418

Earthwork & Grading in Arkansas

With decades of experience, our professional excavation contractors, pond contractors, and grading experts will handle your earthwork project with a hands on approach that you will appreciate. Our customers know who to call when they need help clearing and grubbing, finish grading, site prep, erosion control or anything else that requires dirt to move.

Whether you'd like something small - like having a French Drain installed at your home - or a large-scale project like digging a retention pond for a warehouse or getting the ground ready for a large commercial building, we can help.


Reasons to Hire Searcy Excavation & Dirtworks

  1. Searcy Excavation & Dirtworks connects you with our local, family-owned and operated Excavation Contractors, Pond Contractors, and Septic Tank Installation Experts.
  2. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project.
  3. We have the heavy equipment needed to complete your project professionally and thoroughly.
  4. Our contractors are bonded and insured.
  5. Our excavation experts have years of experience running heavy equipment and are committed to rigorous safety and quality standards.
  6. We are Arkansas local, and believe in supporting small business and taking care of families.

Quotes are Free. If you'd like to speak with someone about hiring us for your project, please give us a call at 501-236-6418. You may also fill out the Free Quote form on this website.

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